Thursday, March 14, 2013

Progress of my army...

We have a local tournament quickly approaching. It is Brawler Bash. This great tournament is in its 5th year and current projections have it scheduled to possibly have over 75 players. This is amazing and will be a real blast. In preparation for the tournament I set myself a painting schedule to complete a 3000 point Ogre Kingdom army in less than 2 1/2 months. Some of my earlier post were showing the Leadbelchers and the the color I was going to be going with. Well, I am fast approaching the deadline, the tournament is April 13-14 in Raleigh, NC. I have the bulk of the army completed or almost completed. I thought I would post some pics of the army as it stands right now.

I'm going for the freehand painting points by having over half the pants either in a stripe or checkerboard pattern. No 2 pairs of paints are the same color either, I feel they would find what they can, not all be looking alike. Please give me your thoughts and opinions.

The Stonehorn is almost completed. Note the gems growing in the stone tusks.

 The Ironblaster is done just waiting to get to the bases.

 The Mournfang cavalry wait to charge.

 I decided to use the new Fell Wargs from LOTR as Sabretusks...What's your thoughts?



  1. Those are good wolf models but also the space wolf ones are good and cheap. Over all nice looking army. As a fellow ogre player I love seeing them.

  2. The Wargs and SW wolves are actually the same cost, SW 5 for $25 and the Wargs 6 for $30. I know alot of people use the SW models, thus I was trying to have something a bit different. I'm looking forward to having the whole army based up soon.

  3. I'm loving the army, Bobby! The Mournfang banner and the Stonehorn are ace.

    Is the Stonehorn converted? It doesn't look like the others that I've seen.