Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prepare to Fire...

I got the first full unit of Ogres relatively completed. This unit of Leadbelchers will provide the fire support to the Ogres as they rush into combat. They are not done yet. I still need to add some rust effects, add the Gnoblar head to the unit leader, and bases.This is just a unit of 6 with a bellower. The bases won't be done until all the models are complete for the entire army so I can do them all at once and match them up properly. I also plan to add the fine detail items to the army all at the end too.

Let me know what you think... as I think I will now move onto my unit of 4 Mournfang.


Blood Bowl commission work

I mentioned that I would post on some previous commission work I had done. These are some Blood Bowl minis that I painted for a friend. I had previously painted the entire Chaos Dwarf team for him. These were some additional star players, coaches, cheerleaders, doc, etc.

I should be getting a batch of 4 more Star players to paint for him in the near future. Once I get them in and start painting them I will post pics about them as well.

As always feel free to comment...