Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OK, the start of something new...

Well, unfortunately I have been out of touch for a very long time, almost a year from my last post. I am hoping to use this as a way to get back into the gaming and painting scene. I've been gaming and painting some commission stuff, but not really focused on the hobby I love. I just got back a bit over a week ago from a Fantasy tournament in Columbia, SC...Scarabcon. It was a great event and I will post a different blog post on how things went there next time.

Playing in the 2 day tournament got me stoked about painting again though and so here I am. I have a new army that I have play tested some, but unfortunately is relatively common....Ogre Kingdoms. I wanted to start off by showing a few of my demo paint jobs until I decided on a color.

I wanted to avoid the flesh color and greys that are common and thus decided on something with a bit of green to it. I don't feel I'm done adding rust effects yet to the final Irongut you see below, but its a start.

Please provide your thoughts on the colors, minis, painting, etc... I am always open to thoughts and ideas. Hopefully I can get this entire 3000 point army completed by Brawler Bash in Durham, NC...April 13-14. We shall see...I will also post my list ideas in another blog posting soon.

Glad to be back