Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OK, the start of something new...

Well, unfortunately I have been out of touch for a very long time, almost a year from my last post. I am hoping to use this as a way to get back into the gaming and painting scene. I've been gaming and painting some commission stuff, but not really focused on the hobby I love. I just got back a bit over a week ago from a Fantasy tournament in Columbia, SC...Scarabcon. It was a great event and I will post a different blog post on how things went there next time.

Playing in the 2 day tournament got me stoked about painting again though and so here I am. I have a new army that I have play tested some, but unfortunately is relatively common....Ogre Kingdoms. I wanted to start off by showing a few of my demo paint jobs until I decided on a color.

I wanted to avoid the flesh color and greys that are common and thus decided on something with a bit of green to it. I don't feel I'm done adding rust effects yet to the final Irongut you see below, but its a start.

Please provide your thoughts on the colors, minis, painting, etc... I am always open to thoughts and ideas. Hopefully I can get this entire 3000 point army completed by Brawler Bash in Durham, NC...April 13-14. We shall see...I will also post my list ideas in another blog posting soon.

Glad to be back


  1. Welcome back to the world of Blogging! You should show us some of your commission work. I like the green skin tone, I never liked the flesh or grey skin tones from the last two army books.

    Good luck on getting it done by BB, I have been stuck staring at my DoC instead of getting them painted.

  2. Welcome to the MAW!

    IF you haven't yet check out the Ogre Stronghold forum

    Do you have a plan for the army or just painting till the army forms?


  3. Yeah, I already have the whole army pretty much planned out. I will post it in a future blog post soon. I am currently painting a unit of Leadbelchers right now.


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