Monday, February 20, 2012

Project update- Vampire Count Army build

Sorry for the long delay to my postings... life happens.
I intend for the next several post to be about my current building project. As many of my gaming friends know, I have a tendency to build an army, play it for a while and then sell it. The last few years I have used our local GT, Brawler Bash, to give me inspiration for the building of new armies. Previously it was an all Troll army led by Throgg, last year a Wood Elf army was taken to the fight. This year I have chosen to do a Vampire Counts army. This may be my biggest push to complete an army in time though...

I have 71 days to buy, build, and paint my army before the tournament. Unfortunately, my real job has to get in the way for many days and some nights and weekends. But with that goal in mind I trek forward. The army is slightly different then what some may run for the VC. I don't mind folks knowing what I will run, so I am going to post the whole list...the tournament is 3000 points. Feel free to let me know your feelings on the list as well as painting thoughts.

1 Ghoul King (Skabscrath, Beguile, Aura of Dark Majesty, Red Fury, Dragonbane Gem, and Trickster's Shard)
1 Terrorgheist (mount for the GK)
1 Level 2 Necromancer (Cursed Book)
1 Corpse Cart (mount for lvl 2 with Balefire)
1 Level 2 Necromancer (Dispel Scroll)
1 Corpse Cart (mount for lvl 2 with Unholy Loadstone)
30 Ghouls (with Ghast)
30 Ghouls (with Ghast)
20 Zombies (with banner)
20 Zombies (with banner)
5 Hexwraiths (with Hellwraith)
6 Vargheist (with Vargoyle)
1 Varghulf
1 Terrorgheist (with Infested)
1 Terrorgheist (with Infested)

I also plan to have a display board and mount the 3 Terrorgheist on special bases. This will entail a lot of terrain from the Garden of Morr, Dreadstone Blight tower, and walls from the Fortress Manor scenery sets to complete the display ( a ruined tower overlooking a grave guard). Grand plans for the army...we will see!

The first piece that I put together and painted for your review is the Varghulf. I purchased the Finecast version and I have to say I was extremely pleased. I had no bubbling, missing details or any problems with it. It also painted very well and I don't have to worry about scrapping paint off of metal points and tips. I tried to go with some varied color tones for it to really stand out. I intend to use a very similar paint color scheme for the Vargheist and ghouls. Let me know what you think...