Monday, March 2, 2020

Well, I have obviously been away for a very long time. Boy, how life moves on. I hope to get a fresh start with gaming, the hobby and collecting my favorite set of toys....


I started playing back in 1987 with the 2nd edition box set. My friends and I poured over the designs and used the heck out of those card standees. We designed mechs by the reams and dreamed of glorious mech battles. The novels and more specifically Technical Readout (TRO) 3025 filled my every waking moment. It was a great time for me in my last years of high school.

Fast forward some and I was swayed to the dark side of Games Workshop and played their games exclusively and heavily especially from 1999 through 2010. I was an Outrider, tournament player, etc, etc. But as I learned it was fleeting to me... personal life helped me refocus and I came back to my first game love, Battletech. I now collect more than game but enjoy the hunt for new items...over 35 years of Battletech around the world means I am constantly finding new things I didn't even know existed.

My search and hunt as a collector opened a door for me to flip Battletech items to others. I do this on the side from my real life job as an elementary Principal, but it is rewarding just the same. I enjoy seeing the items of old find new homes and to see the hobby grow. Thus, my already existing blog fed into the name and function of my side business as a purveyor of used mechs and materials, Causalities of a Paint Brush.

This blog will become a hybrid of sorts. For me to talk about Battletech, painting, life and yet serve as a small platform for the business side of items as well. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment away.

The mech below is a sample I've painted for our lance playing in Wolfnet. Fortunately we are able to play our lance on table top. By the next few weeks I shall hopefully have many more mechs completed for this and for Kerensky Con coming up in April.

I also included a few from my "Frost" lance. Think of the mechs powering up in the early morning frost as the day begins. Kind of as a rekindling of this blog and the greater world of Battletech. I also included a picture from my own chapter I had for the Space Marines. I enjoyed painting this army more than any other. I plan to renew that love for painting BT minis soon :)

Thank you all

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